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Conina said:
routsounmanman said:
Capcom is way worse. And most Switch owners probably have little to no interest in their IPs anyway.

How is Capcom way worse than the 4 games of EA?

Okami HD, Dragon's Dogma, Onimusha: Warlords, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle (7 games), 2 Street Fighter games, 3 Ace Attorney games, a lot of Mega Man games, a lot of Resident Evil games,...

Capcom has done a lot of stuff to either annoy or anger the general Nintendo userbase.

-General disregard of physical releases: either they are incomplete and thus partially unusable without a download or they just don't bother with it, especially in Europe.

-Capcom stopped supporting their audience on Nintendo platforms for Monster Hunter, and just limited themselves to an HD port while everyone else got MH Worlds (and if you think it's due to the hardware, Bethesda projects would like a word with you).

-Capcom is a common user of the Switch tax, with their games being slightly higher price on the console than everywhere else.

-The Street Fighter HD scam. Release a port of the HD version of SFII HD on the Switch for 40€, say that if it doesn't do well, Switch support might stop (something said for a variety of their games released since), and once it's sold, release a much more valuable version of the same game, less than a year later.

-Outside of Megaman 11 and RE7 (Japan only cloud game), all of the games released on the Switch have been old ports, which, while not being as bad as the above, is still dissapointing.

-Bringing the Disney Afternoon Collection everywhere except the Switch, without a good excuse, considering they are glorified NES roms.

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