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eva01beserk said:
Any chance any of thouse customization could end up being diferent enough to clasify a chip diferently than the base?
Its what i heard in some other vid might be the guy i put in the op. But he said that the ps4 gpu was named navi 9 cuz it was to diferent from the pc variant.

Anyone who calls the PS4 GPU Navi 9 is someone who shouldn't be taken seriously.

Graphics Core Next is a highly modular design, so you can take one library/block/functional unit and alter it significantly to give say... The Shader pipelines new functionality. (Like Rapid Packed Math?) whilst leaving the rest of the design the same. It's still Graphics Core Next at the end of the day though.

I mean, even the Xbox 360 GPU was a significant deviation from Fudo as it adopted some features from Pele like Unified Shaders... But it was still Fudo derived rather than something we can lump in with the Terascale family.

Navi will be Navi. It will be a Polaris replacement... Not a Vega replacement and thus will be a mid-range part.
It will likely adopt a multitude of efficiency gains introduced with Vega and probably a few extra tricks on top of that so it can punch above it's peers in the Graphics Core Next family.