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300 is the limit I allow myself to spend on one purchase, when exceptions are needed it doesn't matter what is in my bank account after that, I make sure to fuck I save on top of it so I can avoid a bank busting bad luck scenario so it is out of my range and would take me at least a month to save which gives me way too much time to digest it. If it was a year ago around this time I'd have to spend four or 5 months saving and who knows what it'll be like for me next year. 400 is the absolute best price. It always seems I'm able to buy tech when it is around 400 or so but when in gets to the 500 mark or over I have a much harder time, it took me a year to finally grab a 4k TV because of flip flopping over prices. Even 50 euro can make an insane difference to me and be the differentiator between a sale or going some place else.
I hope it is 400 euro.


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