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People threatened, worried, or offended in any way by 3D models need to really reasses their priorities in life.

I'm not too surprised, as Sony seems to really try hard to cater to a Western audience despite being a Japanese company, and the Western world seems to be growing extremely puritanical of late in a variety of areas. 

Frankly I never understood the argument against sexualizing women in video games, the same way I wouldn't understand any argument against sexualizing MEN in games.. Appreciating the beauty of the female form in absolutely no way is disempowering women, it's the opposite! Then there's the argument that it's "objectifying".. Umm, in what way? And according to who exactly? What about the women who enjoy these depictions as well?

And showing sexualized female figures in video games (or anywhere else) in no way discounts the fact that she could ALSO have personality, depth, intelligence, etc.. You can appreciate someone's physical appearance while ALSO appreciating their personality characteristics can you not? Physical beauty and depth/personality are not mutually exclusive, and it baffles me that some seem to think it is.. I dunno, maybe I'm the crazy one? Am I missing something here?

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