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If it's games that feature things like groping underage-appearing girls, then that's a good thing.
Based on what they said here, I don't think this is suggesting an extension of what they're already doing primarily in Japanese niche games, but an affirmation on their stance.

shikamaru317 said:
twintail said:

Not exactly

The original article for this news even states that this is in relation to underage looking female characters from JPN games.


Sony officials said the company has grown concerned that its global reputation could take a hit from sexually explicit content sold in a few markets. A big worry is software sold in its home market, which traditionally has had more tolerance for near-nudity and images of young women who appear to be underage.

So basically they're just officially announcing the policy they enacted like 7 months ago? lol

If they haven't talked about it publicly before, and considering the content of the article, that seems probable.
They didn't elaborate on their stance on not wanting cross platform gaming either until some months later.