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John2290 said:

Simply add a game title, for example "Why hav'nt they made a Japanese ass creed game yet?". Obvious ideas that companies seem hesitant to persue.

 I'll go first, why hav'nt Warner bros made a massive skyrim/Witcher open world LoTR RPG, yet or a full 7 year Harry potter RPG in the vain of Persona but with a more western polish and render. Just why? They seem allergic to money. 

Because it's not easy, you kinda need to know what you are doing, and it can be quite risky imo.  Bet you if Warner attempted to make an open world LoTR RPG like skyrim/witcher it would either be awesome (very unlikely) or would suck truck nuts (very likely).

They gave us the LoTR trilogy (really good) and then they gave us The Hobbit 'trilogy' (quite bad).

Example: this bullshit

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