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kenjab said:
ptofhearts said:
I was really disappointed even though my expectations were pretty low following the previous season. It felt like an unnecessary episode, nothing important happened and they wasted time on some things. That Daenarys/Jon lovey scene was cringey and the dialogues became too simplistic. Well, I'm gonna watch till the end anyways, hopefully it improves.

I can't disagree more with this. I was also disappointed in last season but felt this episode redeemed things quite a bit. I appreciated that the episode focused on the characters and their reunions and interactions, and I feel they were all important to the development of each. To me that goes back to the basics of GoT. The way that they used Sam's anger with Daenarys into his telling Jon about his true heritage was a good way to plant the seed of how Jon/Daenarys may end up going awry. I feel like I know more about Euron from this one episode than I did in all of season 7 combined. The episode clearly mirrored S1E1 and I'm fine with that.

I do agree about the Daenarys/Jon scene though, plus I thought the CGI was noticeably off in that scene as well.

I understand where you're coming from, and the episode did have some redeeming moments, like you mentioned, Sam's bits were some of the best. I just think that the urge to deal with these reunions made everything feel forced, it lacked fluency. They went on a path to make things simplistic, like Cersei's concern with elephants, it's understandable but they kind of made it into a joke. I'm not trying to be overly critical, but honestly I just didn't enjoy it. There was so much more wit before. We'll see what happens, I just hope they don't ruin it.

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