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zorg1000 said:
Dulfite said:
I cannot express how much I enjoy this show watching it via VidAngel! Not to sound like an advertisement here (lol), but seriously I wouldn't watch a show like GoT without it. I can skip all the stuff I want (which for me means no nudity, no super horrifying deaths, a lot of the profanity is eliminated, etc). And yes, the story is still there and the episodes still feel fluid despite some of the brief cutoffs. I just wish that people would create good quality shows like GoT without all the nonsense nudity/sex/super graphic killings. I really hope Amazon's Lord of the Rings will be TV-14 and not MA.

Is this a real thing? My wife likes the premise of the show but hates nudity and excessive swearing so refuses to watch it with me.

Nudity continues to melt down American eyes I see. Was that the secret used by the Viet Cong? Someone should tell the Iranians, but then, they literally blur woman's faces in television because that's too much for them already.

Edit - not meaning to derail the thread but you and Dulfite sound as out of place to most people here as some Iranian asking if VidAngel can censor female faces.