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So with the rumors getting confirmation, if the navi architecture was made with sony for the ps5, then what does that mean for MS and scarlet? Chips will be cheaper for sony. Rumors are also scattered that MS will not allow sony to take the performance crown again. Does this mean that MS will have more power for higher price lets say ps5 $400 xbox scarlet $600? Or will Ms eat the cost. But the thing with that is that if sony is probably already eating some cost at launch, MS will have to eat a huge cost per xbox. 

This guy breaks it down quite nicely. Could not find official Vid with mark Cerny. 

What you guys think.


New round off rumors. More sources say anaconda to be more powerfull.


From gamermeld. nice summary

So they killed it with their CPU's. Sadly not what this was about.

Now navi, as said before was not the focus. But leaks seem correct so far. the 5700 was shown claimed by them to be around 10% better than the rtx 2070. No prices where announce so this does not say anything. But its aimed at the mid level. The previous leaks claimed that it would be $500, the latest, the first leak said it was around $400. We found out no info on price, but we do have release confirmation off july. So that 7/7 is still the target.

So what to we have that was confirmed was that this is a new architecture, or an evolution of GCN. Also came with a 25% IPC gain. 

My take:

Since some leaks are being confirmed then lets just assume that 1.8GHz gpu speed still holds. Then Assuming that the ps4 pros 36 compute units stay the same. we are looking at 2.5x the performance with the higher clocks and IPC gains. Thats over 10 TFlops theoretical performance with the same 36 compute units. If we add that other expected 40 CU, then that gets it very close to 12TF previous y speculated.


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