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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Random_Matt said:
Yeah, I called this a long time ago. It is EA, what did you expect? Whatever happens they will scapegoat Bioware and close them down eventually.

I always had a suspicion that most of the fault was on Bioware for making these crappy games and honestly Jason's prior article basically proved that. Aside from EA stepping in and just outright cancelling projects (which gamers would still find a way to blame EA on) there was not a whole lot that EA could have done - Anthem basically restarted development at multiple times, it needed to be released. 

And I have always swore that EA have always told developers what they want. EA have always wielded power, I do not believe half of the shite that has come from Bioware is what they actually wanted to make. Just like Rare did not want to make that shitty fable game, that was all MS's idea, there are probably very few developers who are given complete freedom aside from Sony ones.