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Pyro as Bill said:
Hi guys, me again.

Pretty sure I got banned for saying Switch will be powerful enough to do VR. Think the actual reason was 'spamming' because the mods at the time kept locking the threads I made where I tried to explain how Switch could achieve it with less power.

Don't feel bad, I'm not bitter. No apologies necessary. If you can just strike it from the record we'll all sleep well knowing justice has finally been served (even though it would probably make a good Netflix documentary).

Fingers crossed Labo-VR doesn't cause brain tumours.

Nonesense. If the ban reason says it's because you were spamming, then that is the reason.

Besides, it occurred years ago, time to move on. Hopefully you learned something from it.

Pyro as Bill said:

Yes, the video has the reporter saying: "Is this sacrilege?" as in "sacrilege to the true meaning of Easter" and I was like: "True meaning of Easter? Do you want me to talk about the true meaning of Easter and it's origins?"

Easter's pagan origins aren't important. You were mocking the Christian celebration of Easter like the people in the video. The original video itself is a nonsense, reminds me of the non-existent 'We have to change the name of Christmas because Muslims are offended' stories. I find it hard to believe that the residents of New Jersey are devout Christians yet they also found it distasteful and disrespectful.

"Christians use Wednesday and Thursday even though they're named after Thor and Odin, herp derp" 

The issue wasn't the anti-religious rhetoric, I am Atheist myself.

The issue came about from how he presented his stance... A couple of trolling memes, a thread does not create... Again, hopefully he learned something from the ordeal and won't make the same mistake next time.

Add something of substance that is worthy of discussion in a thread you are trying to build.