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BasilZero said:
Acevil said:
Based on historical statement on this sites, I don't see this ending well. I agree with his sentiment, not necessarily his tone/language, but honestly the tone of the majority anti-epic is also awful as well.

You can say the same for the pro-epic users as well especially since they turn a blind eye to all the anti-consumer aspects. Most of the animosity comes from hating a successful service/business - kinda like how some MS and Nintendo fans hate Sony due to the PS4's success, ironically enough most of the people who are pro-epic on internet gaming forums dont even use EGS.

I believe the situation has changed now and it will be Valve who will have to compete.  What I mean by this is that bigger players are coming and they are throwing money around.  Prices will have to be more competitive and Valve will have to cater more to offset these type of exclusive deals.  Yes, Valve has the better overall service but if enough top games do not come to their store at the same time gamers will go where the games are.  Once Epic is feature complete with Valve, then things gets even worse.