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TalonMan said:
DreadPirateRoberts said:

Updated to April 1.  I think the reason people burn out doing this table is all the shovelware.  So. Many. Crappy. Games.  Mostly thanks to TalonMan, who showed up after several months and added 138 (!!) new games to his count, there were 83 new entries to the games list.  We're up to a total of 787 different titles, though there is some overlap (i.e.: The Banner Saga Trilogy is counted separately from the individual entries).  Congrats to colint0101 who became the eighth member of the century club.

Biggest new game was Final Fantasy VII (6 points), which helped Square Enix become the biggest mover among publishers at +14.  Shantae and the Pirate's Curse was second at 4 points.  It would have been 5, but we Canadians always get screwed by American companies, so I'm still waiting my physical copy. 

New titles with 2+ points: Count
Final Fantasy VII 6
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse 4
The Caligula Effect:  Overdose 3
Blaster Master Zero 2 2
Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon 2
Fate/Extella Link 2
Raging Justice 2
The Mahjong Huntress 2
White Night 2

# Publisher top 20 Count March
1 Capcom 175 +4
2 Sega 165 +6
3 Bethesda Softworks 152 NC
4 Square Enix 136 +14
4 Ubisoft 136 +6
6 Nicalis 111 +5
7 Inti Creates 85 +5
8 Bandai Namco 75 +1
8 Flyhigh Works 75 +2
10 Hamster Corp 73 +2
11 Platinum Games 65 NC
12 Image & Form 64 +3
13 Team 17 59 +7
14 Forever Entertainment 56 +9
14 Koei Tecmo 56 +3
16 Warner Bros. 54 +3
17 Nippon Ichi Software 51 New
18 Chucklefish 50 NC
19 Psyonix 49 NC
20 SideBar Games 48 +1

Now, now - there isn't THAT much shovelware in my collection!! A great deal of my focus (as you pointed out) is on these limited print publishers because, as I mentioned, I'd rather make these purchases now instead of getting scalped on eBay later. BUT, these publishers do not just grab crap titles and throw them on a cartridge - they're pretty selective with the digital games they get the rights to. Obviously, not every game they push out is a '10' - but they also aren't bottom of the barrel garbage titles, either...

Yes, I also have the occasional doo-doo title mixed in (because it happened to be on sale some place for a quarter or something) - but that definitely does not make up the majority...    ...the bigger issue is that it had been since last July or so, since I last provided an update - that's nearly a YEAR of collecting!!! I will do my best to at least come in here once a month, and hopefully keep my counts more reasonable. 

Is it just the Switch where you buy practically every single game out there, or do you do so for many different platforms?

Also, how do you store so many games?