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Lryu222 said:
Amnesia said:

People seem satisfied that the Switch is back to first...Against a console which is in its 6th year and already 100 millions almost.
I call this a failure that the Switch was not 1st every weeks since SSBU is out. It is however an astonishing success for SONY that still in 2019, there was not a single week under 200.000.

What's wrong with being satisfied with the Switch doing well without any big first party release? SSBU is not enough to keep the Switch ahead of PS4 every week when games like KH3, Sekiro and other third party releases that do quite well in Europe boost PS4 hardware.

hmm...You could have mentionned also that the Switch is doing amazingly well still with no price cut.

At 259,99$ it would be maybe 300.000+ every weeks

Don't worry I am also satisfied enough, because I own shares.

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