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I didn't have the time to offer my own views on the trailer as I had to leave for work shortly after I posted this thread, so...

Honestly, I'm excited. The trailer gave me goosebumps. And Lando's back! Of course, I was excited for every one of the new Star Wars movies as well. I saw all of them twice in theaters. I enjoyed all of them (even The Last Jedi, which I feel got a lot of undeserved hate from a vocal minority... and let's leave it at that, because I'm not interested in arguing about it anymore; I like the movie and that's that), and I've felt that they've been in every way better than the prequel trilogy. Better acting, better balancing between CGI and practical effects, better cinematography, etc. While nothing will ever beat the original trilogy for me, I've been thoroughly satisfied with how Disney has handled the films so far. Episode 9 will definitely be an opening weekend viewing for me.