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danasider said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Sorry, I don't watch garbage feminist mary sue propaganda. Screw Disney for throwing out the integrity of the franchise.

Movie looks like crap already.

These types of posts make me embarrassed to post on video game forums. And then I remember not to judge an entire group of people as a whole.

But your post is the type of stuff that give gamers the reputation of cave dweller virgins who are anti social and don't respect women (and to a lesser extent gays and minorities what with the uprise of 12 year olds using sexist, homophobic, and racist language over XBox Live).

People hate on this trilogy but it shits on the prequel trilogy. And neither were going to measure up to the original trilogy.

Also, with each new trilogy there was a prodigy (Luke, then Anakin, and now Rey). And over time the prodigy got way better compared to the last (Anakin fights like a ninja compared to Luke's samurai style and Rey is more force capable than Anakin). It's not as big a deal or anything new, but because it involves a woman people wanna bitch and moan.

OT, I think it looks interesting. I hope Luke is brought back even if it's to help Rey, because he says in the trailer himself that this is her fight (or whoever he's talking to). But if he were brought back as a useful character, it'd satisfy something I was always bothered with.

In the original trilogy, Obi Wan says once Vader strikes him, he'll grow more powerful than ever before. He's becomes a force ghost which is pretty impressive, but other than that what is so powerful about him? What the heck does he do aside from tell Luke to use the force? Maybe this film will actually explore that part both with Luke Skywalker and Palpatine (the sith were able to do similar things in the extended universe, I've heard).  

First bolded: Uprise? Kids saying offensive things has been going on since 30 years for what i can remember,kids express their anger and insecurity in dumb ways.First time i got into contact with the internet and its communities on forums i had some anger management to do,lets say i did throw a lot of insults around :p

Second bolded: Hey i bitch and moan because i wanted more time and writing invested in her character and her acting is way better than Anakin from prequels but her full potential is not showing because of the plot,i think there are actually very few people that do complain just because she is a woman.

I do not really care what characters can do in the extented universe because that does not excuse what is missing in the movies but i just like to see some reasons to relate to Rey because for me a strong character has to overcome hardship to make me be able to see them more "real" and relatable,she can be as strong as they would like to make her but show me what it took to gain that strength.