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danasider said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Sorry, I don't watch garbage feminist mary sue propaganda. Screw Disney for throwing out the integrity of the franchise.

Movie looks like crap already.

These types of posts make me embarrassed to post on video game forums. And then I remember not to judge an entire group of people as a whole.

But your post is the type of stuff that give gamers the reputation of cave dweller virgins who are anti social and don't respect women (and to a lesser extent gays and minorities what with the uprise of 12 year olds using sexist, homophobic, and racist language over XBox Live).


I mean... I'm 99% sure he was being sarcastic. But well, I guess your post still applies to the non-sarcastic posts of that kind, which sadly do exist.

Then again, I can't even say I completely disagree. I'm no fan of this new trilogy and a big part of it was because of Disney's obsession with trying to be inclusive (which in itself isn't a problem, but it becomes one when you're having to change large portions of a finished plot just to fit in some random character that the company wants in the movie to represent a specific audience). I'm also no fan of the obsession with fanservice, which is why this trailer was already a huge turn-off for me - not that I was planning on watching another Star Wars movie at the theater after that last garbage, anyway.

I'm all for diversity and representation of minorities and all that stuff, but if it ain't done well then it sucks, just as anything sucks when it isn't done well or is done with financial interests over artistic integrity. When this kind of stuff is done well, you never go like "oh, cool, there's an Asian character now!", you just don't think about it because it comes off naturally, and it never came off naturally in The Last Jedi.

Furthermore I believe The Last Jedi's script is a gigantic mess that has no idea what kind of story it's trying to tell or which message it wants to get across. It's a movie that constantly contradicts itself, and ultimately just ends up being an incredibly unpleasant story filled with random elements that build up to a whole bunch of nothing. I could go on and on here, honestly, but, I don't want to.