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SvennoJ said:
Immersiveunreality said:

First bolded:That is a selfish reason shared by enough people to keep them making these kind of games,i buy what i enjoy with the incentive i earned the same way i buy the food i like to eat for selfish reasons.

Second bolded: Not at all because for most people God of War is not that much about overcoming challenge in the first place and the funding and people working on both franchises are vastly different.

Third bolded: No for me these games are never about being more skilled than others,its about myself overcoming the situations and taking control of my stresslevels.These kind of games have always been helpfull in a sort of way to strengthen myself mentally and when there is an online segment to it i always help others.

Yet, wouldn't it be a shame when your reaction times get slower as you age, that you are excluded from being able to enjoy these games any longer?

Dark souls for me was never about overcoming challenge either, for me it was the immersive world, and dying a lot (causing repetition) did help with permanently etching the map layout in my mind. Luckily there was multiplayer to get passed the annoying challenge parts.

Now it's 8 years later and I know my timing sucks, thus I'll skip Sekerio.

Bolded:Not really,my selfish consumerism would look for something else and i would still appreciate devs for putting out games in their own vision.

Second bolded:How old are you? You can always improve your timing while playing the game,i always suck at the start of a souls game and suck a bit less at the end :p

It looks like these games have challenge as its core and everything else is build around that,if that core is changed then the impact/immersiveness also changes but it might have been nice that a multiplayer was also added to Sekiro yes.