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thismeintiel said:
What a strange string of logic. If the PS4 proves that consoles are popular and still viable, than consoles are actually obsolete? Also, you got a lot of faith in the mobile market, as well as mobile tech. It's going to be a few years before we actually get anything in a phone that could play Horizon: Zero Dawn without any cut backs. And with PS5 coming out this year or, more likely now, next year, it'll be decades more before anything can match that.

We do have Stadia announced, now. However, no one knows what kind of speed that's going to need to play competently or even the price. And not everyone has unlimited data to even take advantage of that. Consoles are here for the foreseeable future.

Well I would say no handheld game beats PS2 games, much less PS4. Graphically they could be on par with even PS3, but on the complexity, control, quality of the game and all else they are much bellow.

There are the odd out PUBG and Fortnite on phones, but generally smartphone games are much inferior.

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