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CGI-Quality said:

You're welcome. :)

Really, like Politics, these things can get tricky. Not always knowing what is offensive and what isn't is certainly a gamble. Still, I appreciate having gotten a better idea of what you were going for now. For example, calling God "Mr Imaginary" is likely to ruffle feathers, but of course, context is key. With a reasonable explanation defending that view, I wouldn't even give it another look for any potential moderation. 

Like I said though, use this thread as a means to bring things like this up if you're unsure. I'll have no issue taking a look (and there are plenty of great users here who'd be good to get advice from if no mods are around)!

Yes, I understand. I suppose that this is a situation of "let's see how things unfold", let's see whether I go "overboard" and say something out of line or whether I stumble upon some stricter sensibilities from someone that reports me and a hypothetical mod that agrees with him/her.

But I really appreciate the nature of this exchange with you CGi and I am glad you are there in the Mod Team.

Thank you.

VAMatt said:
I've gotta say, I largely agree with Rol's assessment. Abbath participated in the thread in a reasonable manner, relative to the tone of the thread.

Further, even if he posted those pics in a thread about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they just don't seem very offensive. If we're going to say that post (as I see it now, dunno if something that was removed substantially changes it) is offensive, and be consistent, mods are gonna have to hand out warnings on half of the posts in this forum that mention religion in any way.

Yes, the video has the reporter saying: "Is this sacrilege?" as in "sacrilege to the true meaning of Easter" and I was like: "True meaning of Easter? Do you want me to talk about the true meaning of Easter and it's origins?"

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: