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Bristow9091 said:

AbbathTheGrim said:

Okay so I'm not replying to a specific post of yours in general, but to the whole situation... please bare in mind as you read this that I'm coming into this with very little prior knowledge of the "situation", all I've seen is the warning you were given and your posts in here.

Right, so... first of all you can drop the victim act, there is no way you wanted an actual discussion, otherwise you'd have started one and not used a meme picture to insult the beliefs of a whole religion, you even used the term "Mr. Imaginary", to me the post, and even your follow up posts in here, seem like you were out to bait from the start, but as soon as you were given the warning you came out crying and acting like you've been victimised.

Secondly, you were given a warning, a light one at that, which reads;
"Hello there. You're receiving a warning for your post in the happy easter thread. Please do not post pictures or things that degrades another religion, it only sparks hostility and potential fights. Thank you."

Now, to me, that reads as a polite reminder as to not post anything that could cause trouble (Something you did), yet you're acting as if she's saying you're not welcome on the forums, or neither are Atheists, which is downright ridiculous when you consider just how many of us are on the forums in the first place.

Do I believe in a god or follow any religion? Nope, I'm an atheist and strongly believe there is no god, but I'm not going to go out of my way and, to put it frank, be a dick by posting a picture mocking Christians for believing in "Mr. Imaginary"... and do you know why I'm not going to do that? Because it's completely uncalled for, people are free to believe what they like, and in a case such as religion you can't exactly tell someone they're wrong since, just as there is no proof there is a god, there is also no proof that there ISN'T a god.

Anyway, I was going off-track with that last part, so to return to the issue; I back the decision Amy made to give you a warning, as I too (along with other mods and members it'd seem) believe you made your post with the sole intention of trolling/baiting/whatever rather than instigating an intelligent discussion on the topic.

... And that's my piece.

100% agree with you fam.


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