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This is why I have mixed feelings with the Nintendo Direct rumor mill and all the speculation that surrounds a rumored Direct.
We always anticipate for the next Direct, even after the latest Direct airs.

Nintendo has already made a presence in the last few months.
- January had the Nindies Highlights video from Europe and a Feh (Fire Emblem Heroes) Channel Presentation
- Not to the mention the various tweets on release dates for games such as Yoshi's Crafted World and the unfortunate delay of Metroid Prime 4
- A Nintendo Direct happened on Feb. 13 and a Pokemon Direct happened on Feb. 27
- A Nindies Showcase on March 20
- Another Feh Channel Presentation on April 4

I know there is more information that needs to be shown for the upcoming games. I know people are dying to know more about Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion 3, Astral Chain, Super Mario Maker 2, Pokemon Sword and Shield, among other games, including ones we do not know about yet. For now, we should be patient and not dwell too much on an upcoming direct that may or may not happen this week or next week or later this month.

When is the next Nintendo Direct? When Nintendo is ready to present one under their terms, not ours. Nintendo is not obligated to present information at a certain date (i.e., near Reggie's last day or something). I do not believe they operate like that. We will know more about Joker and Smash 3.0.0 when they're ready to show more, among other things.