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kirby007 said:
Im not out on this right now.... the s10+ beats a base xo and ps4 but the x1x and ps4 pro muddened the water regarding my estimation.
Because if the next gen is only a bit stronger then the x1x or pro the phones are the way to go, expecially with stadia aswell in mind.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't. CPU, possibly. But that's a really, really low bar. Like, first generation Core 2 Duo low. GPU, not a chance in hell. It likely loses even to the heavily downclocked Tesla inside the Switch since most of the Adreno GPU claimed specs concern a "burst mode" as opposite to the 60-65% lower clock it'll be running at most of the time due to heat/battery concerns.

Why even necrobump this, by the way? No one even remembered it. Why try to save face? You've just ended up drawing attention to yourself and your out-there claims.