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DonFerrari said:
bigtakilla said:

There were a LOT (and I mean tens of thousands) of games after Pong was released to the time online updates, season passes, loot box's became a thing and those games for the most part worked great. Get off the pong thing. There were vast improvements in gaming till about the PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube, and Xbox era. I would say the Wii and Wii U could also be seen as improvements to the past without falling into to many (if any) of the issues in today's gaming.

Now games literally destroy your console (see PS4 and Anthem), yeah, that's not okay. Not to mention the Red Ring Of Death, or the day 1 patched that destroyed consoles if for whatever reason your internet connection was interrupted, or the power cycled. Not to mention how many times has information of gamers been stolen from the online stores of these consoles? 

Also, it's not that "some people can't get over the past" as much as some things were better in the past. Again I am giving reasons that have nothing to do with personal preference AT ALL.This argument is a crutch, throw this out too it's not helping you, though I could easily get into personal preference and experience and lord that would be a wall of text I don't think anyone wants to take the time to read all of.

There were tons of games in the past that were not hard or punishing too. You get the game you want to suit your gaming needs. There are games that are ridiculously hard or complicated today for the sake of being ridiculously hard or complicated. Badly designed games, or punishing games are still being made today. You don't think a ton of games that have loot boxes are purposefully designed to be needlessly grindy? Or games with Season Passes don't have content needlessly ripped out of them?

Your mixing so much things that it becomes strange, but let's go.

I haven't said a word about bad practices like lootboxes and the like. I was talking about complexity in games increasing and with it bugs. It doesn't take much to see that the more complex a system is more prone to defects it is. And them you put improvements basically attached to Nintendo.

There are bad games now and there were bad games in the past. Many games were broken and wouldn't be playable, they just wouldn't affect the console because the console didn't had any system that could be impacted by the SW. Red Ring of Death have nothing to do with games being better or worse but with MS rushing their engineering to reach the market first, so I have no idea why you put it here. And consoles being beyond user repair due to a bad update is something very rare to be even worth mentioning.

Security on the networks also have nothing to do with games being better or worse.

Your reply seems more like why you don't like gaming today than games being worse loaded with a lot of strawman. For you Don Mattrick gave the solution stick to NES.

You don't have to talk about loot boxes, etc, they are bad practices present in games today though. You can just agree.

Second this is not talking about games (except for Anthem breaking PS4 consoles), but the consoles of old didn't brick. So no not about games, but gaming in general.

Network Security may not have to do with games in general, but buying games online has cost people a lot of headache and possibly money. 

You still have not made a single solid case for gaming to be better today than it was in the past. I can give you numerous examples of gaming today being worse, and games mostly involving shoving incomplete messes out the door, and predatory practices that really can't be denied in a lot of AAA games. 

I don't hate gaming today, but it is a lot less enjoyable than it was in the past. And I do have a lot of older systems, and play on them regularly, except for my 360 which recently had a RROD, lol.