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DonFerrari said:
VAMatt said:

When games are broken now, they can be fixed.  Maybe you weren't gaming in the 80s and 90s  But, I was.  Back then, sometimes you'd get literally stuck in a game, with not choice but to restart.  That also meant huge lost progress, because of the relatively save options.  Sometimes, you'd get stuck in a glitch in the final level, and have to start the whole thing over.  Thankfully, those days are long gone.  Games now either work, or they're fixed.  

As for cost of entry, there's no comparison.  When adjusting for inflation, games are cheaper than they've ever been.  They're also much, much bigger, on average. 

So, sure, there have been some changes that one could argue are bad.  But, they're have been a whole bunch that are objectively good.  I simply don't see any case to be made for games being worse now than they were - let's say 25 years ago - except totally subjective personal opinions.

People seem to just want to ignore the complexity of the games and how many possibilities for glitches is there on games today compared to Pong. And even at that time you had so many freeze screens.

I had to reboot my console almost everyday because a game froze or as we said "tilt". Nowadays the patches happen off screen and I will run on a need to reset the console maybe once a week but more likely less than once a month due to glitches and bugs.

People just don't understand that what they like up to their 25 years is more or less what they will like forever, so they will keep thinking nothing is as good as it was in the past (because they can't see without the tinted googles of nostalgy to see how bad it really was) and not enjoy today.

How many games were actually 30-60min long but were so badly engineered to be "hard and punishing" to make you think the games where giant that we took 6 months to finish? There is good reasons for that to not fly anymore today, with internet we can discover how to pass or how long the game really is, we can jump to another game fast if the one we are playing isn't satisfying among many other reasons for this type of game design to not be widespread anymore.

There were a LOT (and I mean tens of thousands) of games after Pong was released to the time online updates, season passes, loot box's became a thing and those games for the most part worked great. Get off the pong thing. There were vast improvements in gaming till about the PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube, and Xbox era. I would say the Wii and Wii U could also be seen as improvements to the past without falling into to many (if any) of the issues in today's gaming.

Now games literally destroy your console (see PS4 and Anthem), yeah, that's not okay. Not to mention the Red Ring Of Death, or the day 1 patched that destroyed consoles if for whatever reason your internet connection was interrupted, or the power cycled. Not to mention how many times has information of gamers been stolen from the online stores of these consoles? 

Also, it's not that "some people can't get over the past" as much as some things were better in the past. Again I am giving reasons that have nothing to do with personal preference AT ALL.This argument is a crutch, throw this out too it's not helping you, though I could easily get into personal preference and experience and lord that would be a wall of text I don't think anyone wants to take the time to read all of.

There were tons of games in the past that were not hard or punishing too. You get the game you want to suit your gaming needs. There are games that are ridiculously hard or complicated today for the sake of being ridiculously hard or complicated. Badly designed games, or punishing games are still being made today. You don't think a ton of games that have loot boxes are purposefully designed to be needlessly grindy? Or games with Season Passes don't have content needlessly ripped out of them?

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