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DonFerrari said:
S.Peelman said:

EDIT: And then I want to play a game right as we speak. 20 minute install time and update. Remember when you could just pop in something, flick a switch and you were in the game? Just like that? Now a console needs to boot up all kinds of pointless cr*p, take forever to navigate all kinds of pointless menus, install god knows what and update literally everything. Suddenly I don’t feel like playing anything anymore.

Sorry to tell you that in books no new stories have been told in like 1000 years as most are based on same elements. And when you read a lot you'll recognize it. Same with games, you don't create new genres everyday, but when gaming technology was changing radically each gen new genres occurred more easily first because there were less and second because the roadblocks changed big each gen. 

Well, it depends how generically or not you define a narreme. With enough simplification of forms, everything would look like a square, right?

And that's mostly our mind dividing things up and searching for commonalities, of course. Taxomony it's part of its basic functions.