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Bofferbrauer2 said:
haxxiy said:
So, it seems like Pete's miraculous 11% poll is because it was a telephone poll which didn't randomize the order of the contenders, so his name was always there at the beginning of the call. A bit of a bummer, but I doubt he's stuck with the 1% group either.

The last Morning consult is out, and Buttigieg won yet another point in their polls, now at 3%. Still far behind the big guns, but he's slowly distancing himself from the main peloton.

On the other hand, Biden lost 2%. It will be intersting to see how much the allegations against him will affect his result in the polls.

I don't expect the Biden story to go much further. So far his atrocities include nothing more than being an invader of personal space.  While 3 women (who all still support him, by the way) have said he made them uncomfortable by his proximity problem, he's known for being just as close and touchy with his male colleagues. 

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."