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zorg1000 said:
DonFerrari said:

The beggining of this year had better games legs from holiday and PS4 at a little weaker position than last year, that helps out a lot the up average of Switch. But to have 30% increase on holidays will be a lot harder.

I never once said I expected holidays to be up 30%, he said that Japan is the only place notably up YoY, I told him that US is as well.

In my defense, i never saind Japan was the "only place notably up YOY". i Just said that if Switch is 2'98M in 2019 compared to 2'33M in 2018, is thanks because "mostly" Japan because it has sold 200-300k more this year than last (as for last MC numbers, exactly 263k more than last year, a 41% growth YOY), so almost half the growth comes from Japan. But that doesn't mean it didn't grow in USA too, just not that much.

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