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HylianSwordsman said:
curl-6 said:

Nah, I just live in Australia where it's already 3pm on Friday the 29th as I type this haha. It came out here today, I went and got it when the store opened this morning at 9am.

So? What's your first impressions? It feels like this game is flying a bit under the radar for a lot of people. Does it deserve better?

From the first hour, I am really liking it.

The difficulty is very gentle but I don't mind that, it makes it a good game for kicking back and relaxing, though to be fair it may ramp up later.

I like the 3D elements such as levels having multiple layers on the z axis and the interplay between these layers, it adds depth (har har) to the level design. Controls are crisp and responsive, and it has more variety and interesting ideas than Woolly World. I really have no significant complaints so far from a gameplay point of view.

If I have one criticism of the game as a whole, it's that while I get what they were going for with the shallow tilt-shift depth of field effect, trying to make it feel like a miniature diorama, I feel like it's not really worth it when the resolution of the effect can get quite chunky. If it was up to me I'd have removed it and used the extra processing power to lock the resolution at 720p. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous and I feel like it deserves a sharper picture. Still, it's not a massive problem since as the player will be focusing on the foreground most of time.

Overall I'd say don't go in expecting the second coming of Yoshi's Island SNES, but if you want a cute, charming platformer to chill out to, it's well worth getting.

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