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d21lewis said:
I hate going into someone else's story with my own story but... Here's mine; tried selling a game on Facebook as well:

*Was going to copy paste the conversation but I can't find it. Anyway...*
I tried to sell Xenoblade for the Wii for like $20. I said I wasn't playing it and "I wanted it in the hands of a gamer". I think I tried to throw in another game. I even said something like "You can take it straight to GameStop and get $20 for it." with a screenshot of the trade in value.

Somehow or another, the convo turned to GameCube games. The girl was admittedly kinda cute but I'm no sucker. She was like "Can I give you $15? And can I have some GameCube games, too?"

So I blocked her.

Wasn't Xenoblade for Wii worth like $100 at one point? Why were you selling it for such a low price?

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