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o_O.Q said:

this is what people that constantly agitate for going overboard in the pursuit of ending discrimination do not understand - you leave the door wide open for trolls and insincere people to exploit the agenda for their own personal gain

look at what the notion of "believe women" has done, its now empowered many unscrupulous women to feign victimhood for personal gain because they know that they now have a cloak of invulnerability, ironically because of their sex from people who are trying to end sexism... its mindbogglingly incoherent

The thing that some people don't understand is that there's a big gap between the extremes.  

"Believe women" doesn't mean believe every single woman regardless of their claims.  No one has claimed that woman's claims are a replacement for investigation.  The point is that someone's claims shouldn't simply be dismissed, (nor believed without evidence) but investigated.