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d21lewis said:

Keep it turned on so that the updates install automatically. Also (unless there are a lot of updates) most games let you start playing at least the intro after a couple of minutes.

MY PROBLEMS with the PS4 are:

-if the system shuts down accidentally, it has to go through an entire systems check. It also doesn't automatically reconnect to the web when power is restored. You may have a ten second power outage and not even know it. Then you fire up your PS4 only to have to go through a diagnostic check of the console and hard drive. 

-Cloud storage is a chore. I'm sure it's great compared to the Switch but when my other console just lets me go to another room, turn on whatever game I was playing, and instantly have my progress (think Netflix or YouTube), having to sync my own data gets aggravating.

-Controller is probably dead. Whenever I'm finally ready to play, my battery is probably dead. I also have 3 PS Move controllers that stay on a charging cradle. Two of them won't hold a charge at all.

That's about it.

The problem is, at some point updates start failing because a lot of games require the entire game to be copied for an update. GT Sport needs 80GB free for a small update. Fortnite also takes forever to copy after each update.

I can't keep it on as, what you said, if you unplug it to move it, it has to go through an entire systems check. Plus data caps... Certainly can't let the thing download huge updates by itself for everything that's still installed.

I don't know if Windows 10 automatically updates its apps. I deleted FH4 and Crackdown just to be sure. My game pass month has run out and I don't want to waste bandwidth on game updates. I was done with those anyway.

And yeah those move controllers. I have to use one wired as well for psvr, won't charge anymore. The ps4 very usefully recommends to unplug the cable for a better experience....