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zorg1000 said:
potato_hamster said:

*Sony shows lots of new Vita stuff*

Vita sCePtIcS "hah, another sign that Vita is dead"

.... ohh wait...

Not a VR skeptic, thanks. I just believe that VR won't ever be more than a niche product with a loyal fan base that feverishly defends it. It's not skepticism to recognize that Sony missed yet another golden opportunity to announce PS VR's overall sales, and instead decided not to, which likely means that it hasn't surpassed 4 million in sales yet, which indicates that PSVR sales are already slowing -  just like the Vita was when Sony announced around a dozen vita titles at E3 that year.

But hey, please feel free to mock and deride anyone that isn't a diehard VR fan, as if that doesn't support my opinion.

They just announced today that it sold 4.2 million.

Feb 2017-915k

Dec 2017-2 million (~1.1m in 10 months)

August 2018-3 million (1m in 8 months)

March 2019-4.2 million (1.2m in 7 months)

Looks like sales are picking up.

Edit: overall I agree with you though, it will remain a relatively niche accessory with a loyal fanbase.

I didn't see that. My bad.