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Lafiel said:
zorg1000 said:

They just announced today that it sold 4.2 million.

Feb 2017-915k

Dec 2017-2 million (~1.1m in 10 months)

August 2018-3 million (1m in 8 months)

March 2019-4.2 million (1.2m in 7 months)

Looks like sales are picking up.

I think these last 7 months will be the peak for PSVR1 performance as a lot came together with Astro Bot receiving high praise from everywhere, Beat Saber releasing, bundles at $199, holidays etc etc. hopefully it can keep a pretty steady pace into the next gen and I expect PS5 to be compatible with it. PSVR2 probably will come 1-2y after that and hopefully will be able to display PSVR1 games aswell.

Sure  It might start to decline from here but I was just showing that the current trend is upward while he was saying it's likely declining.

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