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HollyGamer said:
Sony shows a decent trailers, infos and gaming news and did a first trial of their own direct shows suddenly people calling Playstation is on doom situation. Sad sad people
If VR is not for you than is not Sony fault, i am into VR and love VR even tho i am playing less on it , i am looking a new way to play games and interactive games like this.

Yes agree so far their first direct shows is underwhelming but for a first attempt is good one, probably they will keep big games and big announcement close to E3.

I'm not interested in VR and I still thought it was a decent show, not amazing but not terrible either. I liked it and I'm looking forward to the next one, I agree that one around E3 makes sense, hopefully it includes Last of Us 2 release date for Fall 2019.

HollyGamer said:
pikashoe said:
They really shouldn't have focused so much on vr or at least mentioned beforehand that the the main focus would be vr. It would be like if Nintendo announced a direct and and didn't mention it was going to be focused on Indies beforehand, people would be pissed.

Nintendo should had told people that they showed a Labo on Nintendo Direct  last year. 

Labo has never been in a Nintendo Direct, they have all had their own seperate announcement.

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