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0D0 said:
KBG29 said:

I get the impression that when they say live, that is what they mean. If it was prerecorded I don't think they would be putting up the VOD edition shortly after, they would just upload the prerecorded video to begin with.

Many call Nintendo direct a live video, even though it's just a pre-recorded pre-edited video released in streaming.

You were correct, pre-recorded, but streamed live. Not sure why they choose this method. The stream on Youtube was terrible. The stream kept dying on Firefox, Edge was 240p, and Chrome was maybe putting out 540p. Next time I will wait for the full upload.

Anyways, on to content.

Release dates for Blood and Truth, Everybody's Golf VR, and Vacation Simulator.

Best trailer so far for Days Gone.

Concrete Genie for the Fall.

I was very pleased with the conetent on hand. I am going to be spending a lot of time with PSVR over the next few months, with all the great experiences lined up.

Personally, I would have perfered to have a person introducing stuff, with creators talking about their titles like we see from Microsoft and Nintendo. I didn't really feel like any love went into making this. Just makes Sony look totally disconnected from their users too me.

I was hoping we would hear something about at least one of the big three, but I can understand they want Days Gone to have the spot light at the moment. At this point I am starting to feel like I will just hold off on playing GoT, TLOUPII, and DS until PS5 arrives. Why waste my time playing in 1440p/30, when within a few months I will be able to play at 4K/60. Thats's just my feelings.

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