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EricHiggin said:
sundin13 said:


Sorry, but that comparison is just awful. Of course people should be allowed to sit where they want on public transportation, but not just anyone gets to speak in front of an audience. If I went up to a University and told them that I would like to speak about whatever came to my mind for one hour in an official event in their Auditorium, they would tell me to fuck off, because there is no expectation of universal access there. No one should expect to be given a platform such as this just because they aren't hurting anyone. That isn't how any of this works and making that comparison is patently ridiculous.

The provision of a platform is expression in and of itself, and in order to maintain freedom of expression, we must allow Universities to make these decisions themselves. Mandating equality of expression is a violation of rights, not a protection of rights.

Your saying there was never a time where people of color were only aloud to sit at the back of the bus, yet were still aloud to ride the bus? The reason being at that point in time segregation was seen as normal. They had to fight for the right to sit where they wanted.

There is an overwhelming amount of schools that heavily favor lefty viewpoints and speakers, yet they allow centrists and conservatives to attend the school and it's events. The reason being that catering to the left and ignoring the center and right has become the norm. They have been fighting for their right to speak freely and have speakers who hold their same viewpoints.

I don't see how they aren't similar. Both are groups who are/were oppressed in an unreasonable manner and who fought for their right to be treated equally.

Oh, come off it. This whole victim complex isn't a good look.

Besides, if you are going to ignore my entire post, why do you even bother responding to me? As previously stated, there is no expectation of universal access to hosting speaking events. What you are asking for is not freedom of speech (you already have that), it is government regulated expression.