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mmersiveunreality said:
OlfinBedwere said:

So, I take it colleges will also be punished for denying people the opportunity to speak out about how the Earth is flat, or the superiority of the Aryan race?

Depends where the border going in the territory of hate speech is crossed?

People talking about flat earth should be no problem.

My point is more that even though this order is clearly designed to protect conservatives, it's also going to allow any crackpot group to demand to be able to speak on campuses, and claim that their rights have been violated when the college refuses to let them speak about their theory that the world will be eaten by a giant mutant star goat in the year 2025. In which case, colleges will resort to other excuses - the speech the group wants to make isn't relevant to any course they teach, that their schedule is full, that they don't think there'd be enough students interested - to shut out said fringe groups. And any other group that might not want speaking on campus for whatever reason.

In other words, this order ain't gonna achieve a whole lot.