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BasilZero said:
Try doing a full reset on Google Chrome.

Settings - > Advanced - > Scroll all the way down and click on "Restore settings to their original defaults".

If that does not work , uninstall Google Chrome. Run a registry cleaner like program (I recommend using CCleaner or bleachbit and clean out temporary files)

Reinstall Chrome and try it.

I would run a antivirus program as well just to be safe in case it may be a file that is disrupting google chrome. Use Malwarebytes.

If you still have the issues after all that - run Google chrome, play the video and check what processes are running the background to see if you notice anything weird.

If you see something like "Google Installer" - just end the process.

Thank, I will try all that. I doubt its a virus tough caue I have only had this HTPC for like 2 weeks and only things I have installed in it is chrome and plex.

And remember, when using any other browser youtube videos work fine.