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Skeeuk said:
I might try edge. Currently use opera it seems to be less ram hungry

The issue isn't RAM...... 

I've mostly always kept my PC usage seperate from my  media consumption. So I always had an android TV box connected to my TV fo things like youtube and plex which was handled by my desktop PC. But I recently decided to declutter and have only three devices, PS4, Laptop and a HTPC. So I got rid of my desktop and got a "smaller" desktop t us as a HTPC.

So far everything is working fine with exception to this weird chrome issue that I never noticed because for the last 3 years I have only ever watched youtube using an android app. Switching browsers is a pain cause all my passwords and autofill info is all in chrome.

There is really no reason why a amologic SOC with 3GB of RAM  in a $99 android TV box should play 4k youtube videos without skipping a beat but the chrome browser in windows 10 running on an intel quad core CPU coupled with 8GB of RAM can't.

I have even installed android x86 on a seperate drive in my HTP and that runs circles around my previous android TV box because of how much more powerful this set u is. Bt ackin windows and with chrome it's the same issue again. But then any other browser I try it works fine.

Sigh.... thi is why I have always disliked windows/PC and pretty much only used it for productivity related stuff...... things just don't "work"..... its always something.