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RaptorChrist said:
John2290 said:
6 hours folks. I broke my two and a half long yead boycott for this game, I hope Activision see it as a success at least.

Damn, 2 and a have years. What about buying it used so that Activision doesn't profit?

I was going to borrow my mates version but with the reviews I just can't wait. I look at it like this, this is a game I want Activision to publish so if it is a success we will get more SP games as well as the money being split with FromSoft which is a decent way to balance the Activsion evil. I'm still boycotting EA, Acti and Uni but if they publish SP games that turn out real well then it's something that should be supported... or perhaps I am just trying to justify it. Either way, I'm playing Sekerio at midnight.


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