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spemanig said:
PwerlvlAmy said:
I hope it flops and fails as badly as OnLive. Purely personal and selfish reasons really, mainly because I do not like Google from a business stand point and data sharing stand point. I also look at it like these are the same people that are trying to sell us this streaming concept with Stadia when they cant even make Youtube properly send notifications to our subscribers boxes properly.

"Can't even?"

I get that it's popular to poopoo on Youtube right now, I like to do it too sometimes, but you're grossly underselling how massive an achievement it is that a platform with as much content constantly being uploaded as Youtube, with as many users and creators, with as many things that could go wrong, has such a good handle on keeping the house from burning down that the biggest problem someone can complain about is some people not getting notifications sometimes. You make it sound like Youtube is run by inept imbeciles, and not literal mega-geniuses who have no right no have such a massive platform run as smoothly as it consistently does. 300 hours of footage is uploaded every minute dude. 300 hours a minute. Give them room to breath.

Daily reminder that YouTube was better before Google bought them.