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John2290 said:
Machiavellian said:
Saw someone streaming it last night. The game is going to break a lot of people, especially if you are coming in with a BloodBorne or Dark Souls mindset. Looks great and it also looks very responsive and fun.

Yeah, I think they have side stepped those expectations in the last week or too with enough influencers and what not, I don't think many will be disappointed at least for it not being a souls game. Probably safe to expect a good few people getting pussed off and bombing it. 

Oh, I do not believe people will be pissed its not a souls game as it does carry over some of the mechanics.  Instead, gameplay wise the combat is definitely different.  From a few souls players who were playing this game, they state the combat is harder which for the casual player probably will make them give up on the first boss.  I believe its level of difficulty for the true souls player will present a challenge they expect.