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And not to hijack the thread or anything, but does anyone remember the old dial-up days of getting booted off the internet whenever the phone rang, and taking some 45-odd seconds to reconnect. Back when watching a video or listening to music was not a thing; you had to download it first, and that download could have taken hours. When the Internet was a program on your computer that you would boot up, not just something that was always on. I was late to the party, as my mother supported me and my two siblings by herself, so I never had the 28.8 KB/s connection; I joined at 56kbps.

Then came cable Internet, offering a sweet ~300 Kbps. But equally as good, it removed that waiting game to connect, and the phone lines were freed up once more. Dial up was only $15 dollars a month, and so my mother was reluctant to switch to Comcast, as it was in the realm of $50 or $60 per month. But when she eventually made the switch, I was a happy camper.

When WiFi first became a thing, I remember feeling as though I was scamming Comcast, as I was able to use multiple devices to connect to the same Internet modem. At the time, it was not unusual for families to have two or three phone lines to allow multiple users, and they paid for those lines. When people started using routers, I'm sure Comcast was not happy.

So yeah, nostalgia.

Edit: Being a 90s child ruled.