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Cerebralbore101 said:

Tired of video game piracy, physical copies, and competition? Ask your doctor about Stadia!

Stadia is a prescription DRM platform guaranteed to  wipe out any annoying semblances of consumer rights. 

Stadia forces your "customers" to always be online. No more playing offline for them!

Stadia is a subscription based Games as a Service or "GaaS". GaaS costs more money in the long term than a one time purchase!

Stadia will allow you to completely abandon any games you don't feel like keeping on your servers, wiping out any Stadia exclusive games from history overnight!

Stadia injects advertisements and youtube level censorship directly into your games! This increases revenue and decreases creativity!

Stadia slowly releases microtransactions into the bloodstream of your games, with little pushback from the consumer. 

Stadia is loved by ISPs too! With Stadia you'll be able to charge more for going over data limits!

Side effects may include, lack of creativity in AAA games, entire games being lost to history forever, the death of the hardware market, annoying ads, no more mods, spying on consumers, microtransactions, and Donald Trump being elected to a second term.


Danm! You prety much nailed it, but your last line  almost forces me to use Stadia! Crap, i will have to give google good cash to elect Mr.trump one second time.

Spoiler alert: /S

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