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PwerlvlAmy said:
I hope it flops and fails as badly as OnLive. Purely personal and selfish reasons really, mainly because I do not like Google from a business stand point and data sharing stand point. I also look at it like these are the same people that are trying to sell us this streaming concept with Stadia when they cant even make Youtube properly send notifications to our subscribers boxes properly.

You have a youtube channel???

I personally don't have anything against google...... I just don't like the idea of little control we will have over our games if this becomes the norm.

Right now its being dressed up as this liberating new thing that's breaking the shackles of traditional gaming, when in truth its seizing control and putting it in the hands of everyone but the consumer. ISPs, google, publishers.... they are all going to love this to bits because they can screw over the consumer.

At least right now I know I can just pick u controller and game and I don't have to hope that the ISP and google are ok with it. Strange how no one seems to be talking about that.