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MrWayne said:
cycycychris said:
Beto raised $6.1 million in the first 24 hours, which is higher than Bernie did


Glad to see he is doing very well. Ultimately I think this race will come down to Beto vs Biden vs Bernie. I really hope Beto wins it, he has the charisma to be a Obama imo. Its sad seeing all the Bernie squad going full attack on him.

I think at least one woman will have a very good shot in the race, middle aged women are after all the biggest voter group for the democrats.

I actually have Harris currently as the 4th person in my rankings. She might ride real close to Beto, they are pretty similar imo. I think Warren is DOA and none of the other women candidates really have much of a chance imo. If Beto gets the nomination, I think we will see them pick someone like Harris. But I also think Klobuchar might get a lot looks due to her connection and popularity in the rust belt. Only negative is that she isn't well know elsewhere and not a POC (which is something I think a White male candidate will be looking for).

Overall, i can't right now see a women getting the nomination and I think Harris will be the one most likely of all the women candidates.


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