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thismeintiel said:
Usually, I just say, "Hey, Becky, want some fuck." Now, that only works 1 out of 10 times, and only if their name happens to be Becky. Still, 1 out of 10 ain't bad.

What if the reply is... "but my name isn't becky" at that point you can ask them if that's the only part of the question they had a problem with.

But in reference to the question, maybe link them this thread and say something along the lines of "I wanted to be cool so much I created a thread asking for advice about talking to you... on a forum, based primarily on the sales of video games, video game consoles and propane accessories"

As for the people saying that dick pics don't work.... have you considered sending a dick pick that doesn't look like a shriveled pickle? Maybe google what a penis should look like and send one of those google images instead :D if the colour is at least somewhere in the right shade you could get away with it, as long as you don't have an innie.

My legit advice is just be honest with the person, tell them your intentions fairly early on and see how it goes, always think of it like this same as with a job application, if you don't apply you can't get the position so until you ask the question then the answer is "no" only by asking a question can you modify that answer to anything other than no, so what's there to lose? There's no point pussy footing about for months if what you really want to ask her is if she wants to nosh down on some spaghetti and meatballs.

Also never forget this fact.... Girls love sex just as much as guys in my experience, don't feel like you're asking for something that only you want, she might be secretly rocking a wide on for you just as much!

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