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CaptainExplosion said:
BraLoD said:
Dragon Ball Super was one of the worst anime/manga I have ever kept up with.
It's incredible how it can be as bad as it was, the manga is A LITTLE better but anime...
It looks like the people behind the anime never actually watched it before.
Aside from the Goku/Vegeta only focus, most characters were completely different from what they were.
Gohan and Videl were the worse cases.
Also the fact Gohan doesn't even appear on that Broly movie and the artist being very involved now it's another slap in the face, even more Gohan humiliation and Goku and Vegeta are the only beings in the universe.
Zero hype to not say negative hype for it to come back.
One of the worse revivals a serie I liked ever had.
Beerus was the one and only good thing in all of that.
Even Jiren coolness did not resist.

You kidding? Beerus was one of the worst additions to Dragon Ball of all time. He's an unlikable overpowered manchild who compromised the status quo of the villain getting killed, made things worse in the long run when he told Frieza to blow up Planet Vegeta, when back in Dragon Ball Z all we needed was just Frieza did it because he really wanted to, reduced Goku and Vegeta to waiting on him hand and foot, tried destroying Earth over fucking pudding of all things, and overall is less like a canon character and more like a Mary Sue out of some shitty fanfiction.

Then we get the other gods of destruction who are, surprise, just Beerus copy and pasted, no real difference between them.

Dragon Ball GT started to look pretty good after Super came around. -_-

RenCutypoison said:
They would announce it less than 3 months before the premiere, brace yourself for terrible animation again.

That, and Goku being even dumber than he was in Dragon Ball Z.

At least Beerus was true to what it is.

Being so fucking powerful he just doesn't have to care for anything, he does as he pleases because he can.

Beerus nature is to destroy, it's the whole reason he exists, to keep balance in the universe, it's only natural he would want to destroy stuff.

Like Freeza was cool because he was evil, now they want to make it kinda good... *blergh*

Also there was Freeza and Buu but no Cell, which has an awesome design btw, just because the one who defeated him was Gohan, and they hate Gohan with all they can now, and if it's not Goku or Vegeta related it just doesn't exist.

Almost everything about Super was really bad, GT was miles ahead of that thing, and it was bad itself.

Beerus was at least a character that made sense, he was what he was supposed to be.

But Super is such a slap in the face of the original series I refuse to believe Toriyama was actually part of that, even if he says it himself.

They even used fucking Goku (Black) as a main arc villain to be able to make Goku fight Goku so the fans had twice their Goku push in the same scenes.

I can't stress enough how horrible that series is.