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Geralt99 said:
Switch Looks a bit overtracked .

Where do you feel it's overtracked?
Japan numbers are pretty much confirmed via Mediacreat/Famitsu

NA numbers reaching from 2 Feb - 3 Feb ~ 371k -
NPD numbers (Feb 3 - 2 Mar) leaked at 363k for US which would mean that Canada and Mexico (?) would account for only 8k in the month... so it's probably undertracked if anything.
EU + RotW is the only unknown and considering it's up both in the US and Japan it's not impossible it would in EU and RotW as well.

Kerotan said:
I feel like xbox is over tracked again.

Based on what? Jpn is a non factor, numbers are low in the EU. NA is tracking quite decent and it matches with the NPD numbers.. even likely it's a bit undertracked in NA.